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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Update! 3 months (second application) September 30, 2008

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Let me begin by apologizing for how long it has taken me to post an update. Between packing, moving, unpacking and school; I just haven’t had the time to do much of anything.

The scab that formed over the tattoo completely came off (with the help of tubing on the lake) the second week of August.  The area hasn’t hurt really at all since I’ve gone to the doctor.

The area is scarred, but there is noticeable areas of fading and even areas where the outlining looks like it has completely faded away.  I am going to start putting scar cream on it in hopes to lessen the scarring.  I do plan on applying another layer of Nuviderm, but i am going to wait quite a while before I do so.  Luckily I have one more refill of silver sulfa at the pharmacy which i am going to get before I apply the third application of Nuviderm.

I will keep updating, but they are going to be more spread out, since its going to take a while to see any major differences.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week Three/Day 2 (Second Application) July 23, 2008

***Day Two using antibiotics

I can already see that the area is stating to heal up, and look better. The medications make me completley nauseous, but I think it’s worth it. The pain has drastically decreased , even without the pain killers .

***Bandage: Day two

My wound is still weeping, but it is more brown today than orange like it was yesterday. There is also specks of black mixed in there too.

jdeter Says:

“The instructions say start at the lowest strength. I started with 17% and I’m on my third treatment. It seems to be working well. I may move to the next level (25%) my next treatment. Beyond itching I have had no problems. I think when you use excessive strength is when you get into trouble – 2 beers is fine but 6 is to much. Like you said, it’s better to do more treatments at lower strength and not be in such a hurry. Eight layers your last treatment was to much.
For my money Nuviderm has been worth it.”

First, let me begin by saying that I’m glad to hear that you are having success with Nuviderm, and past the second application. Do you have any before or after pictures to show your success with the product?

I did post the directions under my first application post. No where in the directions does it say to start at the lowest strength. It says to do a patch test, which I did. My first application I did a little stronger than 50% which healed fine. The directions did say that one should maybe start with only one layer their first application, but than goes on to saying that if the area does not frost, to bump up the strength of the solution. Than I think what is really misleading, is that the directions say numerous times to not let the solution dry, and the keep the treated area wet. By keeping the area wet, wouldn’t that mean adding more layers? The lowest mixing instruction was for 23% also, and then it states that most people use 25%-70%. I know it’s rather simple to mix lesser strength than mentioned on the directions by adding more water, but why not state the lower strengths on the directions? I understand I put on many layers, but I figured I had couldn’t let the solution dry.

I could’ve taken the directions wrong, I am only human… But honestly, I feel the directions are too vague, contradicting, and somewhat confusing.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week Three (Second Application) July 22, 2008

I broke down yesterday, and made an appointment to see the doctor. I cant even describe how much pain I was in, it was immense none the less. I would elevate my leg, which would make it feel much better, but once I lowered my foot the pain came shooting back, so bad, that I couldn’t even walk on that foot.

I Googled how to take care of wounds and burns, and I couldn’t find a single straight answer, I read that I should cover it, use Neosporin, use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, saline washes, soap; and then of course I read in other places,that I shouldn’t do any of those. I tried all of them over the past 4 days, and none of them seemed to help, the pain just got worse, and my ankle and foot had gotten really swollen.

I sucked up my pride, and got into the doctor the same day. Of course, being in a small town, the nurse looked at me like I was nuts after I explained what I was doing, and looked even more shocked when I showed her my sorry excuse for an ankle. After a very long two hours of sitting in the doctors office waiting for second opinions on what to do, I was given a few prescriptions…and get to go back for another visit this Thursday.

$130.00 worth of prescription drugs later…

  • Silver Sulfadiazine 1% (Topical Antibiotic for burns)
  • Levaquin 500mg (Oral Antibiotic)
  • Darvocet (Pain reliever)

The doctor covered by tattoo with silver sulfa and bandaged it, so I wasn’t able to get a picture of what my tattoo looked like right before using the prescription ointment, but I will keep on blogging the healing process. Just now, keep in mind for the next 7 days I’m on prescriptions. I will try to take pictures everyday, to see what kind of impact the prescriptions may have.

***One Day After Doctors Visit

(Silver Sulfa/Once a Day, Levaquin/Once a Day, Pain Relievers-As Needed)

The Nurse made it very clear that this is going to probably scar terribly. I am going to stay optimistic about it. Funny thing was she asked my if I knew how to post information on the Internet, she said that I really should warn people about the dangers of using Nuviderm…Ha. I am one step ahead of that!

I got to thinking, everyone I have talked to had a lot of trouble during their second application. I honestly haven’t talked to anyone that was on their third or so application, since they all stopped after their second application. I have a feeling that treating the same area twice or more times, is just too much trauma for the skin to handle. I don’t know if maybe waiting twice as long in between applications would help that or not.

On my previous post ‘L’ commented on using colloidal silver bandages; No one in town carries those here, but I think that is a great recommendation for anyone whose in the healing process. I would have to also agree, that 50% is way to strong. I used 46% this last time, and I’m really regretting that. I would definitely recommend using a lower strength…I would personally rather have to do many weak applications, than go through this mess again.

And to think the thought of *hmmm a facial peel might be nice* crossed my mind when I was researching TCA before I purchased nuviderm. I am SO glad that was just merely a thought…Can you imagine putting 12-30% strength on your face…It makes me cringe just thinking about it!

I almost forgot.  What would this post be without a nasty bandage picture?  My tattoo is still oozing.

***Bandage after day one of using Silver Sulfa. The discharge color is orange/brown.