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Is this blog really that confusing?? November 7, 2008

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So I really don’t know if this blog is really that confusing to follow along? If I got a dollar for every time I received a comment requesting before and after pictures, a current photo, or having someone give me advice on how to use Nuviderm before I get started (is it really that tough to see that I have been tracking this process for almost 7 months now?) I also posted the exact instructions that Nuviderm sent me, I am very aware what the instructions state. My blog is current and before/after pictures are mostly on every single posting I have posted.

The URL below should show ALL the Nuviderm blogs at once….I really hope this helps, and if you are still confused…please don’t waste both of our time by making a pointless comment requesting the previously stated items.

I hate to be mean…but really? This shouldn’t be that complicated.

I am more than happy to answer any questions or to share advice, but please try and read through every post before commenting… Thanks.



Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Updated Before and After November 4, 2008

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April 3 2008 (Before Nuviderm)…….Before using Mederma…………..November 4 2008


I have to apologize, the lighting in all my pictures seem to be different, which show the color differently. But I hope they can still give you an idea of the entire healing and application process.

The black is coming out of the tattoo. Unfortunately the area is really scarred.  The faded parts of the tattoo are scarred and started to turn brown in color. I have been using Mederma the last couple of months, about 2-4 times a day. I have seen much improvement in the overall lighting of the area.  I am really hoping I can eventually turn the whole area a mono-tone sort of color, and hopefully be able to get it covered up by this next summer.  I I probably will apply another application of Nuviderm, but it wont be for a while longer. I really want to make sure my skin is healed more before re-applying. I have a another refill of silverdene left, so I figure why not.