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At Home Tattoo Removal-Nuviderm- March 17, 2008

I had a really hard time trying to research different tattoo removal methods, and there were very few forums and blogs exploring and sharing the tattoo removal process. After a little research, I concluded that $300.00 per visit, and around 5-20 visits needed towards completion for professional laser removal was out of the question. My search then pointed me in the direction of either Nuviderm, or Wrecking Balm (home removal methods). Turns out Wrecking Balm had numerous negative reviews as well as it is rather expensive. I chose to try Nuviderm.

I purchased the Nuviderm Double Deluxe Kit, which cost $69.95, shipping was an additional $9.00, which brought my total to: $78.95. I Purchased this Today at 11:37am and my purchase has already been shipped, I should be receiving my package in about 2 days.

My goal is to keep a picture diary of the in-home tattoo removal process, as well as being able to share the final outcome of the product chosen.