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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Update! 3 months (second application) September 30, 2008

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Let me begin by apologizing for how long it has taken me to post an update. Between packing, moving, unpacking and school; I just haven’t had the time to do much of anything.

The scab that formed over the tattoo completely came off (with the help of tubing on the lake) the second week of August.  The area hasn’t hurt really at all since I’ve gone to the doctor.

The area is scarred, but there is noticeable areas of fading and even areas where the outlining looks like it has completely faded away.  I am going to start putting scar cream on it in hopes to lessen the scarring.  I do plan on applying another layer of Nuviderm, but i am going to wait quite a while before I do so.  Luckily I have one more refill of silver sulfa at the pharmacy which i am going to get before I apply the third application of Nuviderm.

I will keep updating, but they are going to be more spread out, since its going to take a while to see any major differences.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week One (Second Application) July 8, 2008

Second Application………………First Application

I am surprised. There has been no blistering during the second application. Instead of blistering it dried up and should start peeling soon. The red line outlining the tattoo will probably result in scarring, but we will see. The second application is much redder when compared to the first application, as of right now I cant say if thats a good or bad thing. There is sporadic sharp stinging in the treated area, but it only lasts for a matter of seconds and are few and far in between. The skin is dry and tight, and can be uncomfortable. The insides of the tattoo isn’t as dry as the edges, and will probably take a little longer to start peeling. Compared to week one during the first application the healing process up until now has been a lot less painful. I think the blistering has a lot to do with that. I can’t say I know exactly why I have not blistered this time around, but I did use 43% solution instead of around 50%, I was more careful when applying the TCA (not letting it dry in between layers, and less layers overall). This time around, instead of putting a cool cloth on the treated area after the application, I put it under a freezing cold tap (bathtub) Which might have deterred the development of blisters, who knows. I better knock on wood though, I’ll probably wake up tomorrow with blisters. ha.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Four (Second Application) July 3, 2008

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……….Second Application……………………First Application…….

The red outline around the tattoo is much darker than the first application. The same red outline during the first application is what scarred. We’ll see if the red outline is going to result in a full outline scar of the tattoo. Also there is white in-between the tattoo and the red outline, when looking at it, it looks like a blister, but to touch, there is no blistering. The tattoo is numb to the touch at this point, and there is no pain.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Second Application June 29, 2008

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*Before Second Application*

Application Process:

I Used 46% strength this time around, which is a little less than my first application. I would have to admit that the second application hurt much worse than the first. I would rate the ouch level at about a 5.5 out of 10. Even though it’s been about 3 months since my first application, just scratching the treated area still stung a little, but i figured I don’t want to waste any more time in between applications. I ended up putting on 8 layers of TCA this time to completely frost the tattoo. The oddest thing was that I had a really hard time getting the bottom part (legs) to frost. I used a good ol’ beauty school trick this time too, we would put conditioner or Vaseline around the hairline/neck/ears when doing chemical services to prevent running. I tried that this time, to prevent it from running around my ankle, it worked well. I think I might pick up a scar treatment to put on it while its healing too…any recommendations?


At Home Tattoo Removal-Nuviderm- March 17, 2008

I had a really hard time trying to research different tattoo removal methods, and there were very few forums and blogs exploring and sharing the tattoo removal process. After a little research, I concluded that $300.00 per visit, and around 5-20 visits needed towards completion for professional laser removal was out of the question. My search then pointed me in the direction of either Nuviderm, or Wrecking Balm (home removal methods). Turns out Wrecking Balm had numerous negative reviews as well as it is rather expensive. I chose to try Nuviderm.

I purchased the Nuviderm Double Deluxe Kit, which cost $69.95, shipping was an additional $9.00, which brought my total to: $78.95. I Purchased this Today at 11:37am and my purchase has already been shipped, I should be receiving my package in about 2 days.

My goal is to keep a picture diary of the in-home tattoo removal process, as well as being able to share the final outcome of the product chosen.