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Update! February 2009: Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Process. February 12, 2009

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It’s been a few months since my last update, so I thought I should take some time to do that today. I would have to say that the draw back right now is: no matter how much lotion I use the tattooed area always looks dry and scaly (only visually not to the touch). I have been pretty forgetful with the Mederma, but have been applying that off and on too when ever I remember.


Before Nuviderm………………………NOW (2/12/09)………………………November 08′

As you can see there has been quite a bit fading since before I started Nuviderm, but it also has faded more since November. I am having a little bit of trouble fading the legs and arms for some reason, but the wings seem to have faded the most. (Maybe because black is harder to fade?)

I WILL be doing another application of nuviderm soon. I can’t say when exactly but I am hoping sometime within the next couple of weeks.

I noticed that it has been almost ONE YEAR since I’ve started this process. This is no where near a quick fix, and personally besides a skin graft I couldn’t imagine any type of tattoo removal as quick. Therefore I would highly NOT recommend using any higher than 45% Nuviderm. Nuviderm says that you can go much higher for quicker results…but those results will be a lot of scarring…trust me!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Nuviderm.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week Seven (First Application) May 22, 2008

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………Before………………………………….Day 48…………………………………Day 34

I was planning on re-applying the TCA this week, but late last week I went swimming in a pool and the chlorine made my tattoo sting. The stinging was surprisingly pretty bad, which made me really nervous; so, I decided to hold off a week. The directions says it should be 6-10 weeks before one should re-apply. I’m right within the time line to re-apply, and as of right now I’m planning on re-applying sometime next week.

After inspecting my tattoo this week I have noticed that my tattoo is becoming to appear blotchy. There are little sections in the black area that are fading. I haven’t been able to notice any change or fading to any of the colored areas yet. The scar-like area around the right hand side of the tattoo is less noticeable as the days pass. I think I’m going to pick up some scar ointment at the store for the next application.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week Five (First Application) May 7, 2008

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………Day 19………………………………Day 34…………………………Before Application

The colors are still darker than when I started, which is unfortunate. The redness is nearly gone. The distinct line around the right hand side of the tattoo is clearly visible and could very well be a permanent scar, we’ll see. All the drip marks are barely noticeable. The areas that are reddish in color on day 19, are more of a pale tan color (close to skin color) now. There isn’t anymore peeling at this point.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week Three (First Application) April 22, 2008

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Day 19 V. Day 1

Most of the scabs have peeled off by now. The tattoo seems to be brighter and darker than it was before, as you can see in the before and after picture. Most of the skin surrounding the tattoo is just a little pinker than my normal skin color. Half of my tattoo has a distinct dark red outlining as well. I remember reading that after doing a initial TCA peel the tattoo will look darker and brighter since the ink is closer to the outter layers of the epidermis, that sounds good to me, I’ll stick with that.

It should be another couple of weeks before I am able to apply my second application of TCA.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week One (First Application) April 12, 2008

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Day 8: The blisters dried up. The skin is now hard and beginning to feel scab-like. The skin is dark pink/reddish in color. My skin is starting to peel around the tattoo. On an itch scale I would rate the past couple of days a 7 out of 10. The itch is insane, and hard to resist.

Day 10: The scabbed area has turned from reddish in color to a light tan. The itch isn’t quite as bad as it was before. Its hard to not have the scabs get ripped off from just normal day activities. I would recommend wrapping the area to decrease the possibility of ripping the scabs off.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Six (First Application)… Swelling April 8, 2008

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I was going to wait until the one week mark for an update, but I noticed pretty major swelling of my ankle. I cant say I even know why it’s swollen, since it’s not the actual tattoo itself, but below it. I am going to ice it, elevate it and take some Advil. The positives? The swollen area doesn’t hurt at all.

Whats more fun than a huge swollen ankle? Huge blisters!

The whole bottom half of my tattoo is one big blister, there is also little blisters along the outside of the tattoo. It doesn’t hurt too bad, but it can get pretty uncomfortable.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Four (First Application)…Blistering April 6, 2008

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Today and yesterday I have noticed that my tattoo is increasingly sensitive, and quite uncomfortable, especially if bumped or touched. I wouldn’t say it is extremely painful by any means, though. The purple/red outline has darkened, and there has been little areas outlining the tattoo that have started to blister. The picture I included shows the blistering. Note, the bumps within the tattoo are from the bandage, not blisters. In the directions it says that this product should not blister, but I’m not too worried, I have basically just burned myself with the TCA acid application, so a little blistering seems reasonable.