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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Four (Third Application) April 1, 2009

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The area looks pretty nasty. It looks like a big blister, but there isn’t any fluid in it. It does not hurt, but is sensitive to the touch and stings if it rubs up against my pants or bed covers.

This is what day four looked like during my second application (the one that brought trouble):

dayfour Right now the outlining area is not nearly as red. Also the whitish lining surrounding the inside of the red line is also not present. What differs this time is the blistery looking skin.

  • Currently I am putting neosporin on the area once a day. I will continue doing this until Sunday ( 1 Week) .

Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Week One (Second Application) July 8, 2008

Second Application………………First Application

I am surprised. There has been no blistering during the second application. Instead of blistering it dried up and should start peeling soon. The red line outlining the tattoo will probably result in scarring, but we will see. The second application is much redder when compared to the first application, as of right now I cant say if thats a good or bad thing. There is sporadic sharp stinging in the treated area, but it only lasts for a matter of seconds and are few and far in between. The skin is dry and tight, and can be uncomfortable. The insides of the tattoo isn’t as dry as the edges, and will probably take a little longer to start peeling. Compared to week one during the first application the healing process up until now has been a lot less painful. I think the blistering has a lot to do with that. I can’t say I know exactly why I have not blistered this time around, but I did use 43% solution instead of around 50%, I was more careful when applying the TCA (not letting it dry in between layers, and less layers overall). This time around, instead of putting a cool cloth on the treated area after the application, I put it under a freezing cold tap (bathtub) Which might have deterred the development of blisters, who knows. I better knock on wood though, I’ll probably wake up tomorrow with blisters. ha.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Four (Second Application) July 3, 2008

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……….Second Application……………………First Application…….

The red outline around the tattoo is much darker than the first application. The same red outline during the first application is what scarred. We’ll see if the red outline is going to result in a full outline scar of the tattoo. Also there is white in-between the tattoo and the red outline, when looking at it, it looks like a blister, but to touch, there is no blistering. The tattoo is numb to the touch at this point, and there is no pain.


Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal: Day Six (First Application)… Swelling April 8, 2008

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I was going to wait until the one week mark for an update, but I noticed pretty major swelling of my ankle. I cant say I even know why it’s swollen, since it’s not the actual tattoo itself, but below it. I am going to ice it, elevate it and take some Advil. The positives? The swollen area doesn’t hurt at all.

Whats more fun than a huge swollen ankle? Huge blisters!

The whole bottom half of my tattoo is one big blister, there is also little blisters along the outside of the tattoo. It doesn’t hurt too bad, but it can get pretty uncomfortable.