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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal:Month 4 (Third Application) *UPDATE* August 10, 2009

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This last application was easy to slack on the updates because the healing process was quick and uneventful (just how I like it). Literally after the first week blog-post the scab peeled off (with the help of tubing and jet-skiing) within the following 1-2 weeks (from week 1 application 3 post). There was no swelling, pain, additional scarring, blistering, or discharge of any sort.

I am going to wait to do a fourth application until the weather cools down (I dont want to be sporting shorts and/or capris during the healing process).

I wanted to apologize about the lack of updates for this application. Being that I’ll be back at school for the fourth application I think it should  be easier for me to keep up with updates and not put it off to enjoy the wonderful weather outside!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!


Left: (August 10 2009/ After third application)…….Middle:(April 2009/Before third application)…..Right: Before Nuviderm

I have a hard time getting the lighting the same for each picture. There has definitely been fading since the third application of Nuviderm. I adjusted the colors and contrast in the pictures a little bit to make it easier to tell the extent of fading. I think these pictures look closer like what the area actually looks like versus having to struggle with the varying lighting situation from picture to picture.

My skin does have a wrinkley texture to it currently (treated area only). This may or may not lessen with time and/or with a cover-up tattoo. We’ll just have to see.


5 Responses to “Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal:Month 4 (Third Application) *UPDATE*”

  1. Stacy Adams Says:

    Thanks for your updates! I am currently trying the Nuvaderm. So far, I have just made it brighter with a dark red ring around the outline. I just did my third application, although the second didn’t really do anything. I don’t think I got the concentration high enough. Thanks again for keeping us posted. I hope this stuff works!


  2. Jeanne Says:

    Hi. I have been watching your progress. Just wanted to let everyone know that I too have been at this for over a year. It is a slow process but it works. I have removed part of a rose tattoo. I am doing it as an experiment to see if it would actually work. The tat is in an inconspicous place so I figured I would try it on my rose ankle tat first before using it on my tattoo on my chest. This way I can see the results before I take the risk of scarring a more visible area. The leaf on the rose is all but a green blur at this point. I have been using it at about 40% each time( once I did 60% and boy was I sorry) and have used it about every two months for a year and a half. I think just a few more times and it will be gone

  3. Jode Says:

    The wrinkly skin will go i had a hawk on my wrist it took 2 and a half years to disapear but it does work and your skin will be fine tca is magic keep it up

  4. EdSal Says:

    Nice info Tina. I have a 11yr old one that I almost have the black part of it completely faded using Yag Laser. Can’t believe how many laser sessions and $ I had to go through, luckly was being charged only 150$ for it (believe it or not, just so that you know that I started sessions about 3 yrs ago and kept the price), not to say that I had about 15 or more laser sessions around 2001 and 2002 which did almost nothing to fade it (I can tell you if I could cont them all (which I can’t), it could easily get to 35 or more sessions).

    Yeah, mine is a professional tattoo and I can say now that I only have to get rid of the green (small size of a dollar coin) and blue part (tiny, size of the little of eye of the thing).

    Your blog and some other ones have help me to go for TCA now as the laser wasn’t even doing anything in my tattoo anymore, the sessions that used to hurt and blister/red/etc a lot now nothing…

    I’ve bought 50% TCA and applied 1st time yesterday. Did 2 coats of 50% (didn’t dilute), it did frost on both coats, it’s too early to say something but to me it seems like it wasn’t strong enough but I know I have to be careful (and your blog helps me to know this). The big question is always let it dry or not, but I will probably find the right way for me.

    Anyways I’d like to thank you and everyone that has been posting your experiences here, it’s been of great help and by the way I see quite a bit of fading in yours, as well as is good to know that some other people are having success (of some kind) with it.

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