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Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal:Week One (Third Application) April 7, 2009

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The area seems to have dried out. Although a typical scab has not formed a rough skin has. It feels similar to what I remember dried Elmers glue feels like. There is no pain or discomfort of any kind. The skin it tight, and a little area has cracked due to ankle movement from walking.

I am putting lotion on the area daily. I want to get to the store and get some vitamin E lotion when I can.


Application One…………………………Application Two

(One Week)

When in comparison to applications one and two’s first week I see more similarities with the first application. The area is not nearly as red as with the second application. Although, this time around the area doesnt seem as dried out and scabby as the first application.

We will just have to see how the healing process goes from here.


8 Responses to “Nuviderm At Home Tattoo Removal:Week One (Third Application)”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Hey girl! Thanks for keeping us updated:) I was wondering what happened to ya!! I am so curious on how it will do after that peeling comes off! I will get some if it works for you! Your teeth look amazing by the way, wow!! Way to go and keep us posted on the tat….

  2. Zeana Ashkar Says:

    Hey Tinastier! Your blog moved me to get TCA online and it is working great. I cought 50% TCA and I dilute it to about 35% with water and this is my second applicationand my green tattoo is almost gone! I am wondering why you are on your third and still no real change. I am telling you, try plain TCA and dilute it down. Put it on till it frosts twice, then wait a week for the peeling to start. My peels ooze the color, it is amazing. Keep us updated on how Nuviderm works. Thank

  3. Cassie Says:

    Hey I just ordered Nuviderm online, Im wondering if you think I should try it. Are you getting results? I can not really tell from your photos.

    • tinastier Says:

      There has definitely been fading, it just takes a LONG time (I am going on 2 years)! There probably will be scarring, but for at-home low cost fading I would recommend it.

  4. Andrew Says:

    So, hows the healing? (Im stil doing tca and laser removal) seeing great results.

    • tinastier Says:

      I am really glad to hear that laser removal is working for you. If you ever want you should send before and after pictures! I would really like to see the outcome for you! Good luck!

  5. tiffani Says:

    Hi! i was just wondering if you were going to update your tattoo removal? i’m currently thinking of doing the tca to remove an old ‘home-done’ tattoo, and i think your results so far have been fantastic! i know it’s not a quick fix, but i’m willing to spend about 2 years removing this ugly thing!!

    • tinastier Says:

      Hi tiffani. Sorry about the prolonged update! I just finished an update and will re-apply nuviderm again in a couple months (when I can wear jeans on a regular basis)…I will try extra hard to update more often with my next application. I would recommend nuviderm to you…just take your time and use a lower strength…if you have the time I think you will get the results you are looking for!

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