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3-5-2009 Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Update March 5, 2009

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I got a better picture of how my tattoo currently looks. Here is a comparison of the before and after.

(Please excuse my paleness, Minnesota winters are rough!)


5 Responses to “3-5-2009 Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Update”

  1. Misty Says:

    Thanks for the updates, please keep us posted on the process. I’m thinking about TCA for a few tat removals.

  2. Andrew Says:

    The scarring seems better after mederma, do you think the scar will lighten more over time? I Remeber what you went though. It was horrible.

    • tinastier Says:

      I do think that over time the scarring will lighten. I do really think the Mederma is helping too. I am kind of lucky that the scarring more of a tanned skin color than pink, its not quite as bad to look at. And, it seems like every week it fades more.

  3. tinastier Says:

    Hi Andrew.

    I do think the scars will probably lighten up with time, as do most scars. But, since I’m planning on covering up the tattoo with a new one; I’m not too worried about the scarring at this point. I am glad that I still have a refill left of my medication from when I went to the doctor before, so when I re-apply the TCA, I have a back-up cream to help with healing.

  4. Janis Says:

    Hi Tina. Thanks for your update. I’m glad to see significant fading! Have you only done 2 applications so far? If so I’m amazed that with only 2 applications, this would be the result. I’m also doing tca peels now and have done 2 apps so far. The surrounding skin of my tat turned brown. Any tips on how to solve this problem?

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