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Update! February 2009: Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Process. February 12, 2009

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It’s been a few months since my last update, so I thought I should take some time to do that today. I would have to say that the draw back right now is: no matter how much lotion I use the tattooed area always looks dry and scaly (only visually not to the touch). I have been pretty forgetful with the Mederma, but have been applying that off and on too when ever I remember.


Before Nuviderm………………………NOW (2/12/09)………………………November 08′

As you can see there has been quite a bit fading since before I started Nuviderm, but it also has faded more since November. I am having a little bit of trouble fading the legs and arms for some reason, but the wings seem to have faded the most. (Maybe because black is harder to fade?)

I WILL be doing another application of nuviderm soon. I can’t say when exactly but I am hoping sometime within the next couple of weeks.

I noticed that it has been almost ONE YEAR since I’ve started this process. This is no where near a quick fix, and personally besides a skin graft I couldn’t imagine any type of tattoo removal as quick. Therefore I would highly NOT recommend using any higher than 45% Nuviderm. Nuviderm says that you can go much higher for quicker results…but those results will be a lot of scarring…trust me!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Nuviderm.


7 Responses to “Update! February 2009: Nuviderm Tattoo Removal Process.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I am on my second treatment for a tatto on the top of my foot. The first time I used 17%, the second 40%. It is also true my skin looks shiny in that area. But luckily I have no scaring at all after both treatments. My tattoo is so small, sometimes I think I could cut it with knife, so you see how desperate I am to get rid of it. I am also going to give you an idea, which I used in a tattoo I faded. Some people do not believe in creams but I do. I used Eventone Skin Success, from Palmers, the makers of Cocoa butter, the cream comes in a small jar, you buy it in the beauty aisle of any pharmacy. I am not affiliated with them either, I mentioned them so many times they should pay me, but who cares. This cream has hydroquinone 2%. In some places hydroquinone in 4% concentration has been banned. But going back to it, hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent. It is supposed to be used in the face by women with skin pigmentation issues, so what is does is lighten them. What you have to do it wash the skin with any exofiating soap, then apply it and let it be absorved by the skin. Maybe you will have to put away nuviderm for a while, because I do not know if using both might have any concequences, but you as me are willing to take time and try. Hopefully you can let me know in your next update how this worked for you. Thanks for your posts. They give me hope.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Thank you so much for posting your progress with TCA. I have a tattoo on my arm that I’m trying to fade… so far I’ve only gone through one treatment. I used 80% strength TCA with only a pea sized amount of scarring… for the next treatment I will definitely bring it down to 50% or lower. Thanks again for taking the time to post your progress!

  3. Mike Says:

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  4. Andrew Says:

    You know me… been stopping by now and again..
    Anyways, I found a laser tatto removal clinique, that is cheap. They do my whole sleeve for 200 bucks a pop. So i am gonna be with them for a while.

    Funny thing is after the first treatment They asked me if they could do a tca on top of the laser, since it works better (I declined and laughed) but ina couple weeks I might take them up on it again

    As with the nuviderm I did experience some fading, no scarring after 4-6 treatement, but the 4-6 treatments I did, did not remove as much as 1 laser tattoo did. I am gonna do both

    Anyways KEEP AT IT, and ill keep COMING BY!

    Glad to hear everything is ok with ya, I remeber what happened with the deep peep (ack)

  5. Jeff Says:

    Andrew – please tell me you are from Chicago?!?! Where are you going that you are getting 200 buck sessions for a sleeve? I have a tattoo covering half of my right arm, multi-colored, that id love to have removed, i just wonder if i am wasting my time, ive done TCA at 30% a few times, sometimes i think it has faded, other times i look and think its done nothing, but i look at it EVERYDAY so hard to tell sometimes…..

  6. Jasmine Says:

    I was just reading through your blog. I have started Nuviderm about a month ago. I have done 1 peel on one arm and 2 on my other arm. I have had to put lotion and neosporen on mine because they ge so dried out and itch like crazy. Did yours itch like pioson like mine do? Do you have any recent updates since your last post? Thanks for your info.

    • tinastier Says:

      Hi Jasmine! Mine did itch like crazy! This last application I did there was no itching though. Don’t itch it! Lotion helped a lot…Just try to keep the area constantly moisturized with a good quality non-fragrant lotion!

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